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Carbon Capture Canada

On September 12 to 14, 2023 Westcomm Pump & Equipment participated as an exhibitor at the Carbon Capture Canada Conference in Edmonton, AB. There were over 5,000 attendees at the exhibition. Westcomm, representing ITT Goulds Pumps was the only pump supplier present as an exhibitor. The conference was a gathering of industry influential minds who… Read more »

BCWWA (BC Water Wastewater Association) Trade Show

Westcomm Pump & Equipment participated in the BCWWA (BC Water Wastewater Association) trade show in Penticton, BC on May 14th and 15th, 2023. Pumps, mixers/agitators, and air compressors have been our core business since 1997, and our presence in BC is steadily growing. Our Vancouver office was established in 2018, and since then we have… Read more »

Ways to Reduce Downtime Costs through Preventative Maintenance

Energy Consumption: Blockages, overloaded filters, inadequate lubrication, and other system issues can cause rotating equipment to work harder than necessary.  A direct impact on energy consumption translates to a costlier energy bill. Down Time: Scheduling regular preventative maintenance servicing in advance during slower production times or when a back up unit can be set up… Read more »

10 Steps You Can Save on Air Consumption

Looking at ways to save on energy costs, reducing CO2 emissions?  Maybe it is time to take a closer look at your compressed air system?  Westcomm Equipment can help determine the best places to start and work with you to address these concerns.  For now, here is a top ten list of where you can… Read more »

20th Anniversary Golf Tournament

On Friday, August 25th/2017, Westcomm Pump & Equipment Ltd. is hosting a Charity Golf Tournament to commemorate its 20th Anniversary.  Westcomm Pump & Equipment Ltd. has been Alberta’s trusted source in engineered rotating equipment pump packages.  Since 1997, we’ve prided ourselves on integrity and customer satisfaction.  It is with great pleasure we invite our valued… Read more »

ecom announces 11.6″ Windows i5/i7 tablet PC Pad-Ex 01

ecom enables Windows desktop applications to safely enter hazardous locations with launch of new 11.6″ Windows i5/i7 tablet PC ecom’s Digital Mobile Worker Platform = Future Proof Field Worker Efficiency In 2015 ecom responded to the needs of hazardous industries asking for the latest mobile digital technologies by delivering the world’s 1st 4G/LTE Android smartphone… Read more »

Intrinsic Safety – Zones/Divisions (Canada/US)

Safety – Above All Else When flammable substances are produced, processed, transported or stored, safety becomes the highest priority.  This is most relevant in oil and natural gas production, mining, petrochemical, and chemical industries. To achieve the highest level of safety possible, province/state legislations have developed corresponding conditions through laws, regulations and standards.  These now… Read more »

Pump Appreciation Day

Without pumps, factories can’t make the essential materials that support power and life.  Join Westcomm and ITT Goulds Pumps in celebrating pumps and those who keep them running on Pump Appreciation Day, a worldwide observance on April 14. ITT Goulds Pumps Supports Heart Health Without a heart, life stops.  Without an industrial pump, manufacturing stops…. Read more »