Pump Appreciation Day

Without pumps, factories can’t make the essential materials that support power and life.  Join Westcomm and ITT Goulds Pumps in celebrating pumps and those who keep them running on Pump Appreciation Day, a worldwide observance on April 14.

ITT Goulds Pumps Supports Heart Health

Without a heart, life stops.  Without an industrial pump, manufacturing stops.  Because pumps are the “Heart of the Industry”, Westcomm and ITT Goulds Pumps invite industrial pump users worldwide to participate in heart health events and activities.

  • Organize a company or community team to join a local heart walk fundraiser
  • Install an Automated External Defibrillator at your office or manufacturing facility, with training for key employees
  • Hold a CPR and first aid training with support from your local heart health organization
  • Plan a “Wear Red” evening or luncheon with a creative tasting menu of heart healthy foods

Pump Appreciation Day Events

Pump Appreciation Day will feature events to promote heart health and educate pump users around the world.  Those named to the Pulse of Industry Honor Roll will receive a special printable certificate commemorating the day.  Westcomm will recognize customers with the ITT Heart of Industry awards.

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