20th Anniversary Golf Tournament

On Friday, August 25th/2017, Westcomm Pump & Equipment Ltd. is hosting a Charity Golf Tournament to commemorate its 20th Anniversary.  Westcomm Pump & Equipment Ltd. has been Alberta’s trusted source in engineered rotating equipment pump packages.  Since 1997, we’ve prided ourselves on integrity and customer satisfaction.  It is with great pleasure we invite our valued long-term clients to this event.

We are proud to donate all tournament proceeds to Parkinson Canada as some of us at Westcomm have felt the impact that this deadly disease has had on loved ones.

Parkinson Canada is the national voice of Canadians living with Parkinson’s disease.  Parkinson’s is a chronic, degenerative brain disease, resulting from the loss of dopamine producing neurons.  Every Parkinson’s experience is unique as the symptoms and progression vary from person to person.  More than 100,000 Canadians have Parkinson’s disease and with more than 25 people each day being diagnosed with the disease, there is currently no cure.

The Parkinson Canada Research Program supports novel research ideas, builds research capacity and grows specialists to provide quality care for people with Parkinson’s.  They are accredited under the Imagine Canada Standards Program and they fulfill their mission through the generosity of donors.  Parkinson Canada has funded 503 research awards, fellowships and grants, totaling more than $26 million, since 1981.

We are accepting sponsor until July 21st/2017 for this tremendous cause.  For any sponsorship inquiries, please contact eddie@westcommpump.com.

ecom announces 11.6″ Windows i5/i7 tablet PC Pad-Ex 01


ecom enables Windows desktop applications to safely enter hazardous locations with launch of new 11.6″ Windows i5/i7 tablet PC

ecom’s Digital Mobile Worker Platform = Future Proof Field Worker Efficiency

In 2015 ecom responded to the needs of hazardous industries asking for the latest mobile digital technologies by delivering the world’s 1st 4G/LTE Android smartphone Smart-Ex-01 and 4G/LTE Android Tablet Tab-Ex-01 for use in Zone 1/21 and Division 1 classified hazardous locations.

ecom is pleased to introduce the new Pad Ex 01, a lightweight 11.6″ Windows tablet PC powered by superior Intel i5/i7 processor, which is certified for use in ATEX Zone 2 and Division 2 classified hazardous locations.

Pad-Ex 01 is the next step in the evolution of ecom’s Digital Mobile Worker platform, offering an unmatched choice of wireless products proven to maximise workforce efficiency and protection – essential elements for the prolonged future sustainability of your business.

Pad-Ex 01 tablet: field mobile tablet, desktop PC, or both?

With Pad-Ex 01, the desktop PC used by field workers and their managers becomes mobile.  Pad-Ex 01 can be used as a field-portable desktop extension (or replacement) to the desktop PC and laptop, offering a desktop dock for fast connection to your office wired network, monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Supporting an Intel i5/i7 processor powerful enough to adequately run the full Windows 10 operating system together with demanding Windows applications, Pad-Ex 01 is also designed to be light enough (at 1.2 kg) to easily carry around the plant, up stairs, and down ladders.

Contact Westcomm today regarding the Pad-Ex 01!

Intrinsic Safety – Zones/Divisions (Canada/US)

Safety – Above All Else

When flammable substances are produced, processed, transported or stored, safety becomes the highest priority.  This is most relevant in oil and natural gas production, mining, petrochemical, and chemical industries.

To achieve the highest level of safety possible, province/state legislations have developed corresponding conditions through laws, regulations and standards.  These now have to be implemented by companies because the operator of a plant is solely responsible for safe operation in accordance with the directive 1999/92/EC.

Explosions – Causes

The 3 factors required to cause an explosion are:

  • Fuel (gas or dust)
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Any ignition source (e.g. electric sparks, hot surface, short-circuit etc.)

The risk is based on the probability of a fuel and oxygen mix occurring over time.

ECOM‘s range of intrinsically safe devices and equipment ensure that potential ignition sources are removed or prevented.  By doing so, the risk of an explosion is eliminated.

The area of responsibility thereby extends to:

  • Stipulation of the explosive areas (zones)
  • Compilation of an explosion protection document
  • Realization of organizational and technical measures for explosion protection
  • Implementation of checks
  • use of products in Ex-areas that comply with the directive 2014/34/EU

IEC – Zone Division

Ex-Zones Definition

Areas subject to gas explosion:

  • Zone 0
    • An explosive atmosphere with a mixture of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapour or fog, either constantly or in the long term
  • Zone 1
    • It must be assumed that an explosive atmosphere with a mix of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapour or fog arise during normal operation
  • Zone 2
    • It must not be assumed that an explosive atmosphere with a mix of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapour or fog arise during normal operation and if so, then only rarely and for a short time

Areas with flammable dust:

  • Zone 20
    • An explosive atmosphere in the form of a cloud of flammable dust in the air, constantly, in the long term or frequently
  • Zone 21
    • It must be assumed that an explosive atmosphere in the form of a cloud of flammable dust in air sometimes occurs during normal operation
  • Zone 22
    • It must not be assumed that an explosive atmosphere in the form of a cloud of flammable dust in air occurs during normal operation, and if so, only for a short period of time

North American Division System:

The North American Division System considers only 2 possible likelihoods of explosive Fuel/Oxygen mixtures occuring:

  • Division 1
    • A mixture of flammable gas, dust or vapour occurs permanently or occasionally.  The same as Zone 1 and Zone 0
  • Division 2
    • The mixture occures only rarely and for a short amount of time.  The same as Zone 2


Non-Destructive Testing in Hazardous Service Applications

 Free Non-Destructive Testing Webinar
Featured speakers:
Asad Choudry Global Product Manager API Pumps ITT Industrial Process Bill Goodman Director, Product Design Engineering ITT Industrial Process Jim Claypool Sr. Welding Engineer ITT Industrial Process
Non-Destructive Testing for Hazardous Services ApplicationsLive Webcast Sponsored by ITT Goulds Pumps July 14, 2015 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. EST In a hazardous services environment, process pumps are often exposed to highly damaging substances, rendering them more susceptible to unplanned failures and costly repairs. Non-destructive testing (NDT) of pumps ensures the highest material and manufacturing quality is upheld and safeguards against potentially harmful emissions.   In this session, pump industry experts from ITT Goulds Pumps will explain how NDT plays a critical role in maintaining a safe and reliable operation. Failure to perform quality control inspections introduces the potential for inherent discontinuities to become defects, resulting in possible operating failure.   Webcast attendees will come away with a better understanding of typical NDT methods and how they can be applied to pumps at their applications. Product and application specialists will review the five main NDT methods as well as the range of considerations for the customer when communicating specifications to the pump manufacturer.   Attendees will learn:

  • The types of services that might be considered hazardous
  • How to define and identify hazardous services and specify inspection plans
  • How testing guidelines change with different applications or with varying application parameters
  • How casting defects affect operations
  • Five major NDT methods to detect discontinuities
    • VT – Visual Testing
    • PT – Penetrant Testing
    • MT – Magnetic Particle Testing
    • RT – Radiographic Testing
    • UT – Ultrasonic Testing

This webcast will empower attendees with a comprehensive understanding of non-destructive testing and how it can improve pump system reliability and safety, as well as the productivity of their own operations.   Don’t miss out on this informative webinar! Click Here to register

All-Flo A200

Find out what makes the All-Flo A-200 the most efficient 2″ AODD pump on the market.

All-Flo is a leading manufacturer of rugged, lube-free, non-stall, non-freeze AODD pumps. Serving a variety of industries, including oil & petroleum, petrochemical, food & beverage, mining and construction, All-Flo offers a versatile range of durable and reliable pump solutions that can be customized for any application.

Pump Appreciation Day

Without pumps, factories can’t make the essential materials that support power and life.  Join Westcomm and ITT Goulds Pumps in celebrating pumps and those who keep them running on Pump Appreciation Day, a worldwide observance on April 14.

ITT Goulds Pumps Supports Heart Health

Without a heart, life stops.  Without an industrial pump, manufacturing stops.  Because pumps are the “Heart of the Industry”, Westcomm and ITT Goulds Pumps invite industrial pump users worldwide to participate in heart health events and activities.

  • Organize a company or community team to join a local heart walk fundraiser
  • Install an Automated External Defibrillator at your office or manufacturing facility, with training for key employees
  • Hold a CPR and first aid training with support from your local heart health organization
  • Plan a “Wear Red” evening or luncheon with a creative tasting menu of heart healthy foods

Pump Appreciation Day Events

Pump Appreciation Day will feature events to promote heart health and educate pump users around the world.  Those named to the Pulse of Industry Honor Roll will receive a special printable certificate commemorating the day.  Westcomm will recognize customers with the ITT Heart of Industry awards.

Check out ITT Goulds Pumps’ Official Heart of the Industry Website

Click here to take the World of Pumps Quiz – Test Your Knowledge!!

Heart of the Industry – Past winners Gallery

Nominate someone you know for the Pulse of the Industry Honor Roll!

Heart of the Industry

The Heart of the IndustryEvery April, ITT Goulds along with its distributors recognizes individuals who help keep the heart of the industry pumping.  In previous years, we have had two of our own acknowledged on the Pulse of the Industry Honor Roll.  You can find Pam Cole and Vic Chiang under the list of past winners here.

Please help us nominate the 2015 Pulse of the Industry winner by sending an email to westcomm@westcommpump.com with a description of how your nominee has helped keep the heart of the industry pumping.  Send in your nominations by March 20th.

Keep it pumping folks!

NPSH & Understanding How the New HI Standard Can Impact Your Operation

Demystifying NPSH & Understanding How the New HI Standard Can Impact Your Operation 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 11 a.m. EST / 10 a.m. CST

Featured Speakers:

Rich Nardone – Global Product Manager for Large End Suction, Double Suction & Axial Flow products, ITT Goulds Pumps

Simon Bradshaw – Director of API Product Development & Technology, ITT Goulds Pump


ProCast Durco Mark III Replacement Parts Expanded


ITT is excited to announce the expansion of our ProCast® replacement parts portfolio to fit Durco Mark III pumps. Most of the parts that were previously unavailable for this product line are now available, essentially giving us full coverage. This includes complete power ends for the Group 1 and 2, along with the TaperBore Plus seal chamber designed to fit the Durco Mark III.

Click below is a detailed list of all Durco parts now available from ProCast, including OEM reference numbers for positive identification.

ProCast-Durco List Feb-2014


Westcomm 2014 Heart Of The Industry Event

Westcomm was proud to host the inaugural Heart of the Industry (HOTI) event on April 4th, 2014.  We would like to thank our gold sponsors:  ITT Goulds, Nidec Motors, All-Flo Pumps, and Diablo Oilfield Services.  We would also like to thank the donors of the silent auction: Copeman Healthcare, Lauren Engineering, Spartan Controls, Alcro Electric, GE Motors, Maxfield Inc., Lexus of Calgary, Tundra Process & Controls, and Flowserve.  With the help of these industry partners, we were able to raise $8,000, with proceeds donated to the Alberta Heart and Stroke Foundation.  Thank you also to our presenters who made the day both educational and memorable. (more…)