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Turtle Reciprocating Pumps are manufactured with the closest tolerance control and are fully tested before being delivered to their end destination.  These pumps incorporate the latest and highest quality materials to meet any of the most critical conditions.

At Turtle Pumps, we pride ourselves on consistent quality control as it is a guarantee we provide to all our current and potential clients.

Features and Benefits:

  1. 1. A5052 (A356) Gravity Casting Aluminum Alloy Crankcase provides uncompromising strength and rigor
  2. 2. Nitrite Chrome Molybdenum Steel Crankshaft guarantees the best tensile strength and surface hardness for long lasting operating life
  3. 3. Aerial Aluminum Alloy Connecting Rods possess exceptional tensile strength
  4. 4. PTFE Seal providing outstanding chemical resistance, wear-proof, and anti-thermal deformation
  5. 5. Solid Ceramic Plungers ensuring extended life even under harsh working environments
  6. 6. 304/316SS Manifold is completely corrosion-resistant and provides reliable bearing strength
  7. 7. PVDF Valve Cage, Stainless Steel Valve Disc, Spring and Seat provide long life, stable operation, and corrosive resistance


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