McFarland-Tritan High Pressure Reciprocating Pumps

McFarland-Tritan Pumps is an internationally recognized, dependable, and trusted manufacturer of high pressure plunger pumps for both industrial and oil & gas applications.  Their products are extremely durable while maintaining low maintenance costs.  McFarland-Tritan Pumps offer a wide variety of pumps and pump applications that are engineered and manufactured to deliver the extreme quality value – the value that has distinguished the brand for more than 35 years.


McFarland-Tritan Pumps offer a complete line of high pressure plunger pumps for a wide variety of applications including hydrostatic testing, water jetting and chemical injection. Only brief performance data and specifications for each pump are noted on our site. Specifications for all details to be considered for appropriate selection of pumps for any application extends beyond the limits and scope of our website. Our qualified team is available to assist you with all of your planning, selection, application, installation, as well as the operation of all of your pump projects. Please go to our CONTACT US page for a quote.


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