Sydex Pump

Sydex is an Italian modern manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps, grinders and macerators. Sydex provides extensive expertise and knowledge in their fields, and Westcomm’s partnership with Sydex allows us to focus on our customers’ needs from manufacturing through to delivery, documentation, installation and after-sales support.

Sydex pumps incorporate the original Moineau™ pump design with the stator bonded into a steel tube (flows from 6 L/h up to 240 m3/h, and pressures up to 48 bar). Their waste water pumps and macerator pumps are installed throughout the world.

Sydex’ in-house stator manufacturing capability enables them to ensure superior quality whilst providing cost-effective, innovative solutions and reliable delivery times.


Bio-G Range Biogas PC Pumps

Progressing cavity pumps are absolutely essential to the safe and efficient operation of today’s biogas plant. Biogas, can be described as a combination of various gases which occur during the breakdown of organic food and waste material. The Sydex Bio-G range includes a specifically designed hopper and auger system which has been optimized to provide efficient conveying using tough, wear resistant materials, whilst eliminating the risk of hazardous compression. Additionally, Sydex are ATEX and ISO9001-2008 TUV Nord certified, giving you the reassurance you need for this critical equipment on your biogas plant

K Range Sludge PC Pumps

As sludge transfer pumps, the K range is high performance industrial progressing cavity pumps. This PCP, available in block or long coupled configuration, can be manufactured in different materials including cast iron, stainless steel 304 and 316 as well as Duplex and super Duplex steel (SAF 2205) in order to suit highly corrosive and difficult applications (high salinity laden liquids for example). This pump is also suited for general industry, wastewater, oil & gas and marine applications.

H Range Hygienic PC Pumps

Specially designed to satisfy the most rigorous food and hygiene requirements, the H hygienic progressing cavity pump range allows avoiding product contamination and spoiling during the production process. This food-grade progressing cavity pumps is suitable for a large variety of food and drinks applications. For concentrated highly viscous liquids, this pump can work at slow speed and can be manufactured with enlarged inlets or with auger and hopper to convey the material into the pump.

W Range Hopper PC Pumps

The W hopper progressing cavity pump range has been specifically developed to handle difficult to pump, non-Newtonian liquids and liquids with viscosities greater than 10,000 Cps. Based on the Moineau™ progressing cavity pump technology, the W range is provided with an auger, which is mounted inside the hopper, to convey the liquid into the pumping element [stator and rotor] enabling a trouble-free efficient pumping solution that few other pumps can provide.

FM Range Compact PC Pumps

Compact and versatile, the FM range brings you all the advantages and performances of progressing cavity pumps, in a light, compact and economical design. The FM range compact progressing cavity pumps can be manufactured in different material to suit the requirements of many different applications:

  • Waste water treatment (Polymers, waste, sludge, flocculants, abrasive slurries)
  • Chemical industry (Detergents, varnish, paints, inks, soaps)
  • Buildings construction (Cements, bentonite)
  • Agrofood industry (Creams, emulsions, wine, olive oils)
  • Energy (Hydrocarbons, coolant and cutting oils, acids)
  • Drainage applications, sampling duties and solids handling

Defender Range Industrial Grinder

Maintaining effective flow and preventing damage to pumps is notoriously difficult when dealing with fluids with a high level of solids or suspended materials. Installing a Sydex Defender grinder on the inlet side allows reducing particles to a small manageable size and eliminating the risks of blockage, backflow premature wear and pump damage.

M Range Metering PC Pumps

Sydex has the perfect solution for small, sterile pumping applications. The Sydex M Range progressing cavity pump gives you perfect control over flow rates, using its on-board inverter with speed ranges from 0-1000 rpm. With its gentle low-shear ability, this positive displacement pump can handle pressures of up to 36 bars with little impact on flow. The M range is the ideal metering progressing cavity pump for many different applications: Waste water treatments (Polymers, flocculants); Chemical industry, (Cosmetics, Dyes, Paints, Inks, ) plus many sampling & premixing applications.

E Range Vertical API 676 PC Pumps

The vertical API 676 progressing cavity pumps are also known as barrel emptying, vertical sump or semi-submersible pumps. Vertical pumps are suitable for numerous applications within the oil and gas, and chemical industries where high suction lifts (low NPSHa) are an issue. The pumps can be directly mounted inside a tank, keeping the motor safe from any potentially hazardous and/or corrosive environments.

WL Range Mobile Hopper PC Pumps

Specially designed for the wine production, the WL range is a variation of the W hopper progressing cavity pumps as it is provided with trolley and control panel. The compact and robust design of the WL mobile hopper progressing cavity pump makes it ideal for transferring whole or destemmed grapes and it can be installed right under the destemmer. It can also be used during the decanting process. This PCP model is perfectly suited for food and beverages liquids pumping such as grapes, juice, olive oil, parts of vegetables, and pastes of olive or tomato, jams, preserves and marmalades.

BE Range Vertical Barrel/Drum PC Pumps

Through its vertical configuration, the BE range progressing cavity pump can be used as barrel and drum emptying pumps. It is also ideal for high viscosity and shear sensitive fluids. The BE range PCP are suitable for numerous applications within the oil and gas and chemical industries for which they can be used as laboratory pumps for the dosing and transferring of corrosive liquids. Through the stainless steel and sanitary versions, the E barrel and drum pump can also be provided for applications involving food and beverages transfer. The pumps can be directly mounted to the standard industrial barrel, powered by a single or 3 phase motor and are  supplied complete with a suitable lifting handle for quick and easy insertion. ATEX versions are also available for use in hazardous areas.

Shaftless Screw Conveyors

The Sydex shaftless screw conveyors have been developed and design for transferring materials, such as dry sludge, efficiently with minimal maintenance and maximum reliability. It rotates inside a trough with a maximum inclination of 30°. In order to reduce maintenance costs, the gearbox is directly connected to the shaftless spiral above the discharge point. Therefore, the only moving part in contact with the product is the screw itself, eliminating any requirements for expensive bearing or mechanical seal arrangements. The design and the selection of materials can easily be adapted to the properties of the product to be conveyed.


G Range Feeding Screw PC Pumps

Pumping highly viscous, solids laden and new-Newtonian fluids is a difficult and complex process. That is why, Sydex has developed and designed the G feeding screw progressing cavity pump range to ensure easy and efficient handling of high-viscosity fluids. The wide diameter of the pump and the screw feeder combined with the enlarged hopper allow a high level of performances and maximize the volumetric efficiency of the rotor/stator. The design of the G range makes it the better hopper pump compared to other standard open-throat pumps.

Eliminator Macerator Pumps

The Sydex Eliminator range is the combination of a progressing cavity pump and a macerator. Maintaining effective flow through small bore pipes over longer distances or high lift is notoriously difficult when dealing with fluid with a high level of solids or suspended materials. As flow is not dependent on pressure this provides an ideal solution to many difficult demanding applications with a single compact package. This self-priming progressing cavity macerator pump is capable of significant suction lift making it ideal for many difficult applications. The hardened stainless steel cutter of the integral macerator unit cuts & shreds the solids into small particles before entering the pumping element. This efficiently macerated waste is then easily transferred to the final destination without risk of blockages or failure. Ideal for domestic or small commercial premises where main sewerage or drainage is not available or where gravity feed is insufficient, the Eliminator can be an attractive and very cost effective solution. This macerator progressing cavity pump is also a good compromise to replace submersible pumps.