Pump Service & Support - Start Ups

A correct pump installation is vital to optimizing pump performance and life.  Improperly installed pumps can cause poor performance, premature failure and can dramatically shorten the lifespan of all moving parts. Westcomm Pump & Equipment’s service department has over 50 combined years of pump expertise and can be on site before, during, and after the initial start up to ensure that the process goes smoothly.  Start-up and Commissioning typically consists of the following:

  • Inspect foundation and baseplate level to confirm they are within tolerance
  • Inspect and confirm proper motor alignment
  • Measure pipe strain and confirm it is within tolerance
  • Confirm proper lubrication, including any API flush plans
  • Confirm proper motor rotation
  • Confirm seals have been properly installed and set
  • Check for proper impeller clearance
  • Provided everything is correct Westcomm will couple the pump and perform startup
  • Pump performance will be checked against the curve to verify correct operation
  • Westcomm service tech will be onsite to address any questions or to locate any possible deficiencies within the system

If the pump is not ready, our experience service-techs will be able to provide a list of deficiencies that may need to be corrected before the pump can be started safely.  Also,  on-site quotes are available in order to provide a remedy for any situation.

Before arriving to site, we ask all our clients that the following criteria be met in order for us to properly perform a start-up inspection:

  • Base-plate has been properly installed
  • All equipment is in place
  • Motor wiring is complete and ready for rotational check
  • Preliminary alignment has been performed
  • Initial pipe strain check has been performed
  • Lubrication has been checked