ecom announces 11.6″ Windows i5/i7 tablet PC Pad-Ex 01


ecom enables Windows desktop applications to safely enter hazardous locations with launch of new 11.6″ Windows i5/i7 tablet PC

ecom’s Digital Mobile Worker Platform = Future Proof Field Worker Efficiency

In 2015 ecom responded to the needs of hazardous industries asking for the latest mobile digital technologies by delivering the world’s 1st 4G/LTE Android smartphone Smart-Ex-01 and 4G/LTE Android Tablet Tab-Ex-01 for use in Zone 1/21 and Division 1 classified hazardous locations.

ecom is pleased to introduce the new Pad Ex 01, a lightweight 11.6″ Windows tablet PC powered by superior Intel i5/i7 processor, which is certified for use in ATEX Zone 2 and Division 2 classified hazardous locations.

Pad-Ex 01 is the next step in the evolution of ecom’s Digital Mobile Worker platform, offering an unmatched choice of wireless products proven to maximise workforce efficiency and protection – essential elements for the prolonged future sustainability of your business.

Pad-Ex 01 tablet: field mobile tablet, desktop PC, or both?

With Pad-Ex 01, the desktop PC used by field workers and their managers becomes mobile.  Pad-Ex 01 can be used as a field-portable desktop extension (or replacement) to the desktop PC and laptop, offering a desktop dock for fast connection to your office wired network, monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Supporting an Intel i5/i7 processor powerful enough to adequately run the full Windows 10 operating system together with demanding Windows applications, Pad-Ex 01 is also designed to be light enough (at 1.2 kg) to easily carry around the plant, up stairs, and down ladders.

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