Ways to Reduce Downtime Costs through Preventative Maintenance

  • Energy Consumption: Blockages, overloaded filters, inadequate lubrication, and other system issues can cause rotating equipment to work harder than necessary.  A direct impact on energy consumption translates to a costlier energy bill.
  • Down Time: Scheduling regular preventative maintenance servicing in advance during slower production times or when a back up unit can be set up to avoid shutting down altogether and further disrupting production. 
  • Equipment Lifespan: Regular preventative maintenance will help lengthen the operational life of your equipment, reducing the need to purchase replacement.
  • Emergency Repairs: Unexpected shutdowns due to equipment failure puts a complete halt on production where downtime is very costly. Preventative maintenance servicing catches minor issues before they become major issues, allowing the opportunity to schedule repairs during natural slowdowns.  Emergency repair service work can also be more costly than routine service calls, adding to your list of unnecessary expenditures.
  • Safety:  Regular maintenance help improve safety levels by identifying concerns such as faulty pressure relief valves, malfunctioning drains, oil leaks, bearing issues etc. Ultimately, if not tended to, these all lead to unexpected equipment failure.

Westcomm Pump & Equipment Ltd. provides the following:

  • – On-Site rotating equipment & compressor service on your schedule
  • – Certified Millwright servicing at our Calgary and Edmonton locations
  • – In-house engineering and consulting
  • – Compressed Air System Survey and Auditing
  • – Standard Preventative Maintenance on per visit basis
  • – Tailored Long-Term Servicing custom to customer requirements
  • – Stocking of critical service parts on shelf as needed

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