Free Webinar! Smart Pump Technology


Join us on Tuesday August 20, 2013: 11:00 a.m. EDT/ 10:00 a.m. CT

How can VFDs and other technologies improve process control, protect multi pump systems and increase throughput?

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Guest Speaker
Dan Kernan, Manager
ITT Monitoring & Control

Tune in for this free training webinar hosted by the product and process experts at ITT Goulds Pumps.  They’ll be providing valuable insights into the important role variable frequency drives (VFDs) play in a multi-pump environment.  You’ll get an overview of how VFDs operate in regulating electrical motors, handle changing loads and enable balance within the system.  The experts will also discuss sensorless flow control technology and how it works with VFDs to ensure high levels of control and protection for pumping systems.

In this webcast, product and applications specialists from ITT Goulds Pumps will present case studies of how the typical VFD works and its role in a typical pumping system.  They’ll also discuss ways for organizations to improve pump reliability, extend pump life, save energy and reduce pumping and processing costs with a more intelligent pumping system.

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Guest Speaker:
Robert Lax,
Global Product Manager
ITT Monitoring & Control

You’ll also learn:

  • • The latest advances in VFDs and sensorless controls
  • • How to improve process control and protect capital investments
  • • How VFDs replace gate valves and boost efficiency
  • • How reliability in VFDs and new capabilities in operating high-powered pump systems benefit key industries

This webcast will educate and empower attendees with an understanding of smart pump technologies and how they can be utilized to achieve sensorless flow control, pump protection, and greater process efficiency.