Xylem Xylem

Derived from classical Greek, Xylem refers to the supporting tissues that help transport water and nutrients from a plant’s roots to its leaves.

To us, the name stands for a promise to live our values while solving our customers’ most challenging water problems, and to set industry standards for fluid technology applications and water solutions.

Xylem products play an integral role in countless water and related applications around the world, covering every human need.

We are a global leader in delivering innovative products – such as pump systems, controllers, water and wastewater treatment systems and analytical instruments – that play an integral role in water’s life-cycle.  Our engineers design and create with a single goal in mind: solving your most challenging water problems.  We specialize in providing equipment and services for water and wastewater applications, from collection, distribution, and the return of water to the environment.

Commitment to improving energy and maintenance costs for a quicker return on your investment is also a main priority.  Xylem’s well-known global brands have served the water market for many decades, with products sold in more than 150 countries.