SP20-Series Compressors SP20-Series Compressors

The SP20 Series is engineered to maximize efficiency while maintaining tremendous power. This industrial electric air compressor is offered in a range of 125-300 hp. These units boast robust Sullivan-Palatek made air ends at its core and oversized coolers for more demanding real-world environments. This dependable, heavy-duty machine is the perfect product for the aerospace industry, heavy goods manufacturing, and for the food and beverage industry.

Features & Benefits

  • Three phase open drip motor options include 460/575 volt, optional 200/208/230 volt on 125 hp units
  • 460-volt MFV with 115-volt control
  • This unit includes a one-piece inlet poppet valve housing for reliable performance
  • Manufactured with a display Q1 microprocessor, the controller is capable of web access monitoring and sequencing up to 12 compressors
  • The compressor is flange mounted to motor C-face for positive alignment
  • The air intake filter includes an oversized dry type with easily replaceable elements

Product Literature