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Ryalsan North Engineering (RNE Pumps) is a specialist company in the design and manufacture of vertical spindle slurry, chemical & dirty water sump pumps. Established in 1977 and built on the knowledge and expertise of 30 years in the mining industry, RNE is in the position to supply products and solutions to the South African, African and International market.

RNE has primarily designed its pumps for use in underground mining applications for dewatering and the removal of slurries and other dirty water. However, over many years the pump has diversified to suit many other applications. These include Pulp & Paper, Auto Motive, Food & Beverage, Chemical Plants and Refineries as well as Sewage. With the use of various configurations, materials and motors, the company is able to offer a wide range of products, tailor made to suit the client’s specific application needs.

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